Takeaways from “Never Split the Difference” by Chris Voss


HBO charged me $15 via Amazon for my subscription that I forgot to cancel after the Game of Thrones was over. Upon writing to Amazon, the representative said:

As per policy we are unable to issue refund for the previous month charge (September) for your HBO subscription. However, I am able to make an exception for you and have issued you a promotional credit of $15.14 in your account.

Walmart manager said he would not accept my returns (worth $107) without a receipt.  Although the first guy said he would give me a gift card, the system didn’t let him proceed. The manager came in and told me they wouldn’t take these returns. Why? Because they have recently changed the rule: without a receipt, I can return items worth only up to $25.

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The Math Book

The Math Book
The Math Book
This book presents glimpses (literally, with one page picture and one page description to each topic) to some selected people/ideas/discoveries/milestones from Mathematics. Inspiring. Someone with a college math/CS background is bound to be enthralled. The most remarkable part of this book is that it never goes deep into any topic, it just gives a flash and then diving deep is up to you. I bought this book for my little sister in mind, but I will keep it myself, see!